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What is the Flat-Plan software used for?

It is the most effective online flatplan tool available. It is designed for publications, especially magazines, but is also useful for smaller books and papers less than 1,000 pages. By using it, you can create a sheet which immediately displays your plan (articles, ads, titles, page numbers.). If you want to instantly renumber pages or are fed up with clumsy file formats, forget about it! Flat-Plan will create your flatplan instead of you having to do all the work!

This is the only flatplanning software that is available in six languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian)*. Don't miss out!

*Please note that our support service language is English.

Real People, Real Thoughts

Flat-Plan helps with the organization and production of each of our issues. It's a great tool that provides a clear understanding of the editorial and ad divisions of each issue. One thing I would like to see improved is the size at which you view it on screen and the size at which you print it out. Other than that we enjoy using the product each month.

Mary, Washington Life, USA

I have used many publishing layout programs but find Flat-Plan the most simple to use and effective. There are nominated areas on each page to specify the editorial section, subsections and advertisements. Pages are easily moved, swapped, inserted and deleted. Color coding sections is also beneficial, as is the automated percentage content calculator and number of advertisements featured. Best of all, it is affordable. Well done. I am a fan.

Dave, Hugecmedia, Australia

Works with every browser!

how to create flatplan in seconds


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Real People Real Thoughts

The Flat-Plan product has taken the hassle out of flatplanning, turning what used to be an onerous chore into a pleasurable task. Also the support from the team is excellent, swiftly getting back to me with any queries I've had.

Henry, Daily Mail Ski and Snowboard Magazine, UK

upload pictures to your flatplan

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Real People, Real Thoughts

Before finding out about Flat-Plan I had never used this type of program before and I was a bit nervous about figuring it out. Flat-plan is so easy to use, and the support staff are efficient and helpful. I now use the program year after year. Flat-Plan has been a huge asset to the Production arm of our magazine business and I highly recommend it.

Lindsay, The Wedding Co., Canada


Renumber pages

No matter how many pages you delete, you will never be lost in your flatplan. Flat-Plan renumbers pages in no time.
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Upload pages with pictures

Attach your layouts to preview your magazine in 2D. You can easily edit the flow of the pages, and it is especially useful for designers.
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Reorganize in seconds

No matter when or how many pages you insert in your flatplan, it will revise the page order and numbering accurately.

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Attaching information

Easily attach headers, notes, colors or ads to your pages. Attach ads of any shape or size, and important records in a click.

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Reliable and accurate printing

Simply set your paper size and it will arrange your flatplan. Enjoy accurate previews before printing.
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Create Excel formatted reports

Make reports of your pages, or create lists of ads sorted by size or page numbers, and save them in Excel file (CSV) format.
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Maintain order while deleting pages

You won't have to worry about ad placement, page numbering, or order when deleting pages. You will always have accurate magazine planning.

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Share with colleagues

Are you tired of constant printing? Keep your colleagues updated online. Your changes will immediately be available to the colleagues with whom you have shared your project. You’ll have unlimited sharing possibilites with one package, which will save you time and money (only available online).
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No need to learn a new program

No need to waste time installing and learning new software. It’s easier than using a word processor!

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Reduce mistakes

Swap, delete or insert pages as much as you want without the anxiety of renumbered pages or other mistakes in your flatplan.

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More time for more creative work

Are you under a lot of pressure at work? Get rid of it! Flat-Plan will calculate, renumber and arrange pages, and make smart, printed flatplan sheets for your magazine instead of you having to do it...
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Why is creating a flatplan with the Flat-Plan easier?

At first glance you’ll see that Flat-plan is easier to use. Even on your first try you’ll be able to create a flatplan within a minute. It will eliminate hours of work and clumsy file formats. Flat-Plan will automatically renumber and reorder pages in your flatplan. If you work for a magazine, you can't work without this valuable tool. Our competitors’ products are more expensive and more complicated, and they don't offer a downloadable version!

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how to create flatplan in seconds


 downloadable and online version of the flatplan software

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For those who are not familiar with flatplanning...

For those who are not familiar with flatplanning, a flatplan is a working map of a publication as it is being produced. It shows where the articles and advertisements are laid out, and in what order. Without a flatplan, the Production and Advertising Directors struggle to control which pages go where, making signing off on a publication incredibly difficult and time consuming. Initially, flatplans were drawn out on pieces of paper stuck to the wall of the production team. As the pages moved around and advertisements were booked (and cancelled), the pages were annotated and amended.

source: Wikipedia
What does the flatplan mean?